”It was great to work with Kellie as I was transitioning in my career and life and wanted some guidance on next steps. She is a warm, insightful person who helped clarify how my values will help drive my future decisions. Our coaching sessions went beyond just career talk, dealing with the whole person, not just who I am in my work. This was very helpful to me. What I liked most about the sessions was that Kellie didn’t provide me with answers, rather she helped me find the answers inside myself. “

—Jeanette, CEO

“Kellie balances warmth and empathy with challenging you to create the life you yearn for. She is a supportive listener with an inquisitive mind and sharp intellect. She is reflective and holds your vision and agenda in service of your needs and goals. Also, she’s fun and brings humor. You would be lucky to work with her!”

—Rebecca A., client

“Kellie is a top-notch professional who exhibits compassion in all that she does. She is a great writer, facilitator and is very thoughtful in her approach. Most of all she is a joy to work with. “

—Pattie Griffin, marketing professional

“I witnessed first hand the patience, resourcefulness and attention that was given to supporting our YMCA through some very challenging years. Kellie was always available to coach, mentor and consult on difficult situations we found ourselves in. She expertly navigated and facilitated the Strategic Planning of our YMCA as we struggled to define our goals mission and values as an organization coming out of financial crisis toward building a new culture of accountability. Our YMCA is in much better shape today I personally know this was in part to her leadership and compassion as our resource director. I highly recommend Kellie for any coaching, mentoring or consultation that involves a desire to change strategy and culture. "

—Peter S., former YMCA leader

“Kellie is an amazing presenter and facilitator, using relatable stories, thoughtful questions, current research and practical action steps to provide meaningful content that keeps audiences engaged. In addition, she’s warm, compassionate and real, allowing her to form quick connections and credibility. “

—Barbara M, colleague

“Kellie is an awesome coach! She is attentive, compassionate, experienced, and challenged me to find new perspectives that changed everything. “

—David, client

“I had the privilege of collaborating with Kellie on international assignments with the YMCAs of Colombia and Brazil, as well as on national projects of YMCA of the USA. Kellie volunteered with the boards of YMCA Sao Paulo-Brazil and the national board of YMCA Colombia. In both cases, Kellie designed and delivered customized governance and board development advice to YMCAs in diverse operating, legal, cultural and economic contexts. Kellie prepared for both projects asking questions and learning about the context of the two YMCAs. She quickly gained the trust of the CEOs of both YMCAs to discuss sensitive issues with their boards. She also demonstrated cultural competence to work with diverse groups and settings. Thanks to Kellie, both YMCAs implemented change strategies that are resulting in stronger boards and governance. I strongly recommend Kellie for anything that requires high quality facilitation of organizational strategies, visioning exercises, and change management. “

—Renata Ferrari, Senior Director for Global Advancement, YMCA of the USA

“I had the pleasure of working with Kellie on our Y’s strategic plan in 2017. Not only is she extremely capable at the planning process; she has some tremendous skills that added a lot of value to the process. She was passionate about our cause. Best of all, she developed a great rapport with our Board of Directors. I’d highly recommend Kellie to a similar project at your organization. 

—Charlie C., CEO

“Kellie is an extraordinarily skillful leader, facilitator and proponent of lifelong learning. I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Kellie in multiple settings, and watching her as she designs and delivers moving and transformational learning and development experiences. She's smart, insightful, ethical, and caring – and a great partner and leader. “

—Tom Lowery, leadership development and change management leader

“I've had the pleasure of working with Kellie over the past ten years and I’ve been impressed from the start. We first met working in a group of ten highly spirited people with disparate opinions discussing the future of an organization we were all passionate about. Kellie demonstrated her leadership skills and expertise by continually and graciously focusing our energy on the project and moving it forward. She helped us see where we wanted to go and figure out a road-map for getting there. We continue to use her road-map to prioritize our efforts to this day.  While Kellie has multiple strengths, what has always impressed me is her ability to see the big picture and at the same time managing the details that matter.”

—Non-profit board chair

“Kellie is dedicated to creating more effective organizations by working with both individuals and teams. She has experience as a leader working in organizations and she can translate that knowledge in order to support others through coaching and capacity building. Kellie delivers on her promises, is a lifelong learner, a master facilitator, and is easy to work with. She is an extraordinary listener and teammate. I was very fortunate to work with Kellie both professionally and as a volunteer. “

—LeAnne Grillo, Founder, Spaces for Change

“Kellie is one of the most effective, impactful, strategic and visionary leaders, coaches and executives I’ve had the privilege of working with. Over the past six years, we’ve partnered together in support of countless institutions, individuals and organizations where her unique abilities to connect with people of all walks of life and bring people together to find effective ways forward in the midst of complex organizational dynamics and societal challenges has been transformative. She is truly one of the best people I know and would be a tremendous asset to any organization or individual. “

—Chad Nico Hiu, Specialist, Diversity and Inclusion, YMCA of the USA

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